Stork's Rest Farm

Tea Room

Escape daily life while taking part in tea in the ever charming Tea Room...

Come join us for a beautiful and educational experience at the Stork's Rest Farm Tea Room.

We take hosting tea a step above by not only serving premium teas in a stunning setting but also by giving you a spot of tea education. 


When you visit the Stork's Rest Farm Tea Room enjoy taking a peak and choosing a wonderful tea hat to wear from the Hat Hideaway and don't forget to check out our large collection of tea pots and cups. 

Traditional Tea Time
Something About Tea
An Evening Affair
Sampling of a Variety of Tea
Tea & Etiquette Education

Stork's Rest Farm

Tea Room Hours

Thursday - Saturday      10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Or by special appointment (2 weeks in advance is recommended)

Reservations are required.